+121 Hilarious Funny birthday wishes collection(all are hand picked)

Funny birthday wishes for your loved ones.

Everyone will Agree with this,

Special days often go with super fun and more laughter.

Being funny sets the occasion to be remembered.Birthdays are always mentioned to be full of celebrations year after year with no Josh reduced.

So let’s make our wishes for our loved ones funny that they will keep cracking for long years.



Relationship matters when we send funny birthday wishes because it won’t sound funny to everyone.

Depending on their age, characteristic and attitude select and try playing any funny message listed to glitter their day.

So here are your funny birthday wishes,

Enjoy your day with a buffet cake. Happy birthday

Sneeze hard to blow all your candles. Happy birthday

You are just a kid now, as your friends blow your candles before you. Happy birthday

Good things never last long, so you prove you are bad. Have a nasty birthday

It’s obvious you grow old but it’s optional whether you grow up. Happy birthday

Don’t fear to celebrate your birthday for the funny and scary wishes of your friends. Happy birthday

Hope you will be there to see the number of candles increase in your cake. Happy birthday

You said that there will be a cake and drink today, so happy birthday

Another birthday, another headache to celebrate. Anyway happy birthday

You celebrate your birthday with your cakes and drinks and I celebrate it with your bills. Happy birthday

Please keep some cakes for me, even if I am late. Happy birthday

I hope you enjoy your birthday as much as girls enjoy taking selfies. Happy birthday

I am saving all my hunger for your cake and drink tonight. Happy birthday

Don’t forget to call me when the cake comes in. Happy birthday

My fire extinguisher Is ready. Start the party. Happy birthday

You are too lucky to have a friend like me. Happy birthday

Happy birthday to you. Have lots of gossips to enjoy your day. Happy birthday

Laugh till your stomach aches. Happy birthday

Be prepared to stuff your face with cake. Happy birthday

Time to annoy all. Happy birthday

Save everyone by taking off the candles from your cake

I know you don’t like shopping so only I did not purchase the gift for you

Another year begins with all annoys and headaches.Happy birthday

Can I too have some cake?

I know presence is better than presents so here’s my presence. Happy birthday

I smelled your birthday cake, so happy birthday

What to do with all these gifts when you just need my love

Sorry to hear that you got older today

Avoid getting hangovers this year at least.Happy birthday

I miss your birthday like an idiot who misses an important point. Happy birthday

Let’s celebrate the day the first time you came out naked. Happy birthday

Thank me first for remembering your birthday

We sing birthday songs to you when you look around awkwardly. Happy birthday

You are too old for birthday presents

I cant get you happiness, so I got you some beer. Happy birthday

Happy birthday. Hope you will bath today at least. Have a clean birthday

God gave me as your gift , so don’t bother me asking for gifts . Happy birthday

Being my friend is your best gift. Happy birthday

Wished you today just for a cake. Happy birthday

I lost my memory only not your cake . Happy birthday

Loving you always is difficult for me but eating your birthday cake is always easy for me, Happy Birthday

Is it a rumor? They say it’s your birthday

Don’t be too excited it’s just your birthday and not a National holiday

Eat and enjoy the cake like a baby. Happy birthday

Please don’t remind me of your birthday on facebook notifications

Nothing is worse than forgetting to share a drink on a friends birthday

We never sing a happy birthday song to a newborn baby

Please forget all the past, the future and even the present which I did not get you. Happy birthday

I thought of sending you an angel to wish you but they said they cant courier me

For a balanced diet, take a piece of cake in both hands and have a diet birthday

Congrats for getting young in reverse. Happy birthday

Live long to see Amazon and eBay deliver on the moon. Happy birthday

It’s not a facebook reminder its just your mom’s reminder to me. Happy birthday

If you can just get cake and drinks, I can get all our friends home. Happy birthday

Get all things in your life as easy as you get fat.Happy birthday

We all will wish you on your birthday with our eyes on your cake.Happy birthday

My only wish for you is let the number of candles decrease. Happy birthday

I share and celebrate your birthday as my birthday, so you should share your birthday gifts with me. Happy birthday

You are the one who is always talented to hold my attention. Have an attentive birthday

Your cake is ready, your candles are ready, the fire department is ready. Happy Birthday

So its another day with you. let’s enjoy it. Happy Birthday.

No one can stop you eating what you want today because it’s your birthday today.

It’s your special day you can eat as much cake you want, no fear of fat. Happy birthday.

The good news is I forgot your birthday date. Great escape for you. Belated birthday wishes.

Cant find a perfect birthday gift for you than me. Take me.

Have arranged for a bigger cake to hold all your candles today. Happy birthday

Another birthday is just another chance to eat more cakes. Happy Birthday

Being your best friend I will just remember your birthday and not your age. Happy birthday

You may know millions but I am your only one to wish you on your birthday.Enjoy your day

Sorry, no space on the cake to put the correct number of candles on it

Birthday wishes and hugs to my birthday babe

Light the candle. blow it and grab the cake. It’s your birthday

My purse is empty but my heart is full of wishes for your birthday

In all these years only you and your age grow and not the size of your cake and candle

I planned for a secret birthday party but you know I cant keep up secrets

Thanks for making all my friends jealous of being my love. Have a hot birthday

You make my blood pressure rise. Love you always

Its thoughts always that counts so I did not get you a gift. Have a great birthday

You are too sexy to keep my hands off you. Happy birthday, dear

Is this your birthday or cake day

The cake is too costly so I replaced it with a bun. Have a bunny birthday

With a heavy heart, I wish you the heaviest birthday wish

I expected a government holiday because it is your birthday

God creates wonders at times by creating creatures like you. Happy birthday

I Making people feel horrid is an art but u have learned it from birth. Have a horrid birthday

No one can separate you and me, like you and your birthday. Happy birthday

Your birthday is my declared holiday for me, let’s enjoy it

Funny things happen once in a while like your birthday

Today is not a red letter day but it’s your birthday. Enjoy your day

Can you blow up all the candles on your cake or need I call a firefighter.

Hope you always get all free of cost. Such as fun, love .romance, peace and friendship. Happy birthday.

Enjoy your day today, as once it’s gone you will never get it back.

Blow out all the candles before the room catches fire.

This SMS is full of fat and cholesterol, but you can enjoy it without fear. Happy birthday.

I know you would like a bottle of champagne than a cake. Have a happy birthday.

How hot is your birthday, is it because of the candles on the cake!

It is hard to see the cake because of the candles on the cake. Anyway, have a happy birthday.

May all the best birthdays come to you. Let’s wait for it. Happy birthday for now.

Enjoy your birthday as much as you enjoy torturing others.

Here’s a hug. Happy birthday my darling.

Congrats on losing one more year of your life. Happy birthday.

Don’t use grandmothers walking stick. She needs it. Anyway happy birthday.

It’s funny that only your age and not your maturity level grows up. Happy birthday.

Keep smiling as long as you have the teeth. Happy birthday

Happy birthday to the one person who I hope will still be around when the iPhone 547 comes out

Congratulations! You are the only person that I don’t need a facebook reminder to remind your birthday.

 Actually, I wanted to present you something super great, super terrific, unique and beautiful for your birthday, but I cant fit into the envelope.

Happy Birthday to a person whose age now makes them cry even more than the day they came into this world

Best wishes on being born a long time ago

Happy belated birthday, I didn’t forget your birthday, I just forgot yesterdays date

Happy birthday friend you really would have loved the gift, I never bothered to send you

 My friend another Year has gone, But unfortunately, that does not mean you have become any wiser

Oh yeah! One more day to annoy everyone you know.Happy birthday anyway

Thank you for always being older than me

Wishes may come and go, but age always sticks with you, Happy Birthday

 You only seem to be as old as the last selfie you took! Happy Birthday

If your candle costs more than your cake, then definitely you are getting older

Some special words on your birthday, keep smiling as long as you have those teeth

The best secret that is yet to be revealed is your true age.

Look so many candles on little cake

No matter how old you become today, Don’t let your special day spoiled by someone than me

You try a lot to look younger, But still, you are older

I can never forget your birthday, it always comes after the day you remind me of it. Happy Birthday